We are still by your side!

Although a government decree on quarantine has changed our production activities, we want to let you know from Brooklyn-Kiev LLC that our company continues to work every day, offering you the same quality services that you have received so far. Because your well-being is our only priority.


In accordance with the action protocols established by the Ministry of Health, our work methodology has changed slightly to ensure the health and integrity of all our workers. Many of them continue to do their work exemplary and selflessly through telephony and the Internet.


To simplify and optimize our daily work in these exceptional circumstances, at Brooklyn-Kiev LLC we have equipped our office and staff with all digital tools to efficiently and closely serve you.


Keeping in touch with you, which has supported us over the years, is the first goal we set for ourselves in this new roadmap. We are interested in hearing your opinion. Learn with each gesture or idea to look into the future without fear.


That’s why we have strengthened our communication channels so that you can forward to your trusted specialist any question or suggestion that you are considering by regular email or phone. You can also contact by email info@brooklyn.kiev.ua or by phone customer support: (+38) 048 729 38 48, where our team will solve any of your questions or requests.


These are tools that our experts use every day to help you with everything you need.


There is no greater victory than going with a firm and decisive step.

Let's move on!